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Shamanic Healing

The term Shaman is said to have originated in Siberia, meaning "to see with one's heart in the dark." When we drop into this heart space, our awareness opens more deeply to the multi-sensory experience of the body, granting us access to inner resources for deep healing. In sacred shamanic sessions, the practitioner enters into an altered brain state, allowing for the innate ability to transmit and receive information through vibration, frequency, and the subtle fields. This is a safe space with helping spirits and guides to empower the client, as this work is rooted in the knowingness that we each have the inherent wisdom to heal ourselves.  Together we will enter into non-ordinary reality and follow the pathways within that guide us toward optimal healing, allowing us to let go of what no longer serves us, and allow in what is in alignment with our highest intentions for healing and growth. 

"Shamanism is not so much a religion, as ordinarily conceived, as it is a pre-rational science; a  kind of methodology for attaining a certain kind of experience. Shamanism is a call to authenticity " -Terrence McKenna


-Soul Retrieval -Extraction -Compassionate Spirit Release -Ancestral Work

-Forgiveness and Grief Ceremonies - Curse Unraveling -Space Clearing

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