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About Me

I stumbled into the mysterious world of shamanism in 2010, when I myself was seeking help for anxiety and depression that had plagued me for years. I was surprised to find that it began to help me immensely, and so embarked on a long journey to train and study under many gifted healers, offering me perspectives  and techniques from many traditions. My search  later led me to different yet similarly framed processes found in Western culture -- Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Repatterning. The synthesis of these different schools of thought and practice have allowed me to reconcile my profound metaphysical experiences with my inclination towards science, reason, and the biology of brain and body.  At current,   I have the blessed opportunity to teach and see clients both privately and in groups,with the understanding that I am always a student myself. It is my hope to pass along knowledge and resources that I have collected along my way so others may also find access to their own innate healing and self-care. It is my intention to always have a beginners mind, to follow my inner guidance, and to honor and adapt these ancient techniques to deepen our understanding of consciousness for ourselves and our planet.

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